Mr. Shekhar Sharma is Dedicated in research &  upliftment of various ancient sciences like astrology, palmistry, remedial spirituality, yoga & meditation processes.

Astro-visit deal with a client through a holistic approach & use every possible way of jyotish vigyan(science of prediction) like astrology,palmistry, signature reading, face reading, in predicting his/her future.

Astro Visit has been delivering results since we opened in 2004. Our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for our customers.

Mr. Shekhar Sharma has over 15 years of experience & research work that is done under guidance of  enlightened sages & masters(guru).

He has also expertise in Astrology, Vastu, Horoscope  and is passionate about exceeding your expectations.



My Journey


It all started with an incident when I, in a tender age of four did something which then, was declared a miracle and people started talking about my abilities.

I was at my relative’s home with my parents and they were planing for renovation of their house and thus they were trying to find out the pujan kalash(sacred utensil) which they had buried some where in their garden few years back. It was amusement for me at that age but as the time was going those people started panicking because missing such kalash is considered as bad luck in our country.

Suddenly i came there in the garden and waited for few minutes on a particular spot and shouted loudly, “why you people are not digging here to get it out”. No body was ready to give me attention at that age, so i took a small dagger and started digging there. Seeing this, an old man came from their family and offered me help.. Soon there was a kalash in that old man’s hands.And i what standing there in a state of meditation and unaffected of the surroundings. Everyone, including my parents were amazed by that incident. Whatever was happened there scared a bit of my parents and so my father went to a famous saint with my horoscope and asked him whether i am in any possession of ghost or something like that..

That saint later became my guru(master), asked my father to bring me next day. He saw me and smiled peacefully and told my father that his son is not in any possession of ghost but he is born siddha and has psychic abilities which will further develop with time and one day this boy will be a great sadhak(spiritual practitioner) and people will take his advice to change their life. Then Guru ji asked me to worship for at least 20 minutes in front of any deity which i like. I asked, why? will it help me in getting stronger like super heroes? he laughed and said, yes..! for sure..! That was enough motivation for me and i started sitting in front of Lord Hanumanji’s picture for 20 minutes daily.

And strangely it worked for me. I got what i asked for, i was superbly strong and a never ending energy was always there for me. I was like dare devil at that time and it continues for years. This kind of attitude and my abilities made my parents tensed as they thought that i will end up in jail with such over active energy and aggressive nature. So one day my father came home and said, “Today I consulted an astrologer about your future and he said if this boy will continue his mischievous acts, he will surely end up in jail one day.” I was a teenager of 14 at that time and it was like a shattering moment for me because i never wanted my future in jail at least. So i asked my father about what an astrologer read in these horoscopes? where it is written in this file(my horoscope) that I will go to jail some day? my father didn’t replied but next day he handed me a book. That was about basics of astrology, about the houses and nature of planets and signs. I took that book and started reading it thoroughly.

Gradually it started fascinating me, that how these planets can change a persons’s life. So i went of my Nanaji(maternal grandfather) who himself was a great astrologer and expert of occult sciences and ancient healing systems. I asked him to teach me astrology and other similar practices. He accepted my request and my journey of astrology and spiritual practices started at that moment, officially. Nanaji asked me to get mantra diksha(spiritual initiation) from babaji(that saint of my childhood) and asked my father to arrange this. Babaji who was already spiritual guru of my father, happily accepted me as a spiritual disciple and gave me mantra(chanting). Later i realized that there was no combination in my horoscope that lead to imprisonment, it was just a lie to make me think about my activities…but yeah! it helped. That lie helped me and lead in realm of spirituality and world of astrology science.

from then, it’s been over 16 years of spiritual practices, reading thousands of horoscopes and palms and learning different occult sciences and yoga, different meditation forms, Getting initiated in different lineages by many enlightened masters. Journey is still going on and I am still a disciple, a student who has experienced some thing by the grace of almighty and that something keeps me motivated to continue on this path of supreme bliss and enlightenment.

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